Believe in YOURSELF


I never thought that receiving support from family and friends would be like extracting teeth. Well, after the release of my first self-published book. The realization came full-force when everyone began to make excuses of why they couldn’t purchase it. However, I was forewarned that the majority of my support would come from unknown sources or people who I haven’t seen or heard from in decades. Needless to say, some support is better than none at all. Although I’m often baffled at times because of the encouragement that is given when one speaks about taking a leap of faith and when that achievement is flourished no one utters a word. I assumed those same words that were spoken would ignite my soul when the subject was a conversation piece verses now a reality.

            As adolescents we are motivated by our teachers, family, siblings and friends that whatever our hopes and dreams are we can make those dreams happen. Ultimately, after a certain point in our lives that reinforcement stops, you graduate leaving the teacher to motivate other students, siblings start families of their own and friends become acquaintances no longer feeding you that line of reassurance that you felt you needed to move forward. At some point family begin to criticize your dreams generating new feelings about your journey of building a brand or leaving a legacy behind.

            I have learned along the way that you cannot count on family and friends to push you to your limits of success nor cheer for you when success has been accomplished. A person must realize that believing in yourself, cheering yourself on and motivating yourself is what has to take place in order for your hopes and dreams to be fulfilled. Although, it may be scary and often times a lonely journey, but the realization of it all is you are alone. The energy that goes into the work to pursue your life’s satisfaction was done by you. Whether your goal is to complete high school with a certain GPA or complete a Master’s degree before a certain age, those are goals only you can meet. For many of us, dreams of becoming entrepreneurs, entertainers or in my case, a novelist and it can be done with self-discipline.

            God blesses everyone with intuition, so if you can dream it, you can do it, you just have to put in the sweat, tears, time and effort and your God-given talent will emerge, so dream big and work hard!

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Meeting new family members is so thrilling


My guys met their cousins (from New Zealand), for the first time today.


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How to stay Consistent

How often do you lose focus on a goal? You make New Year revolutions, setting weight goals, healthy eating goals, family goals. You rush out and purchase a weight bench or treadmill, but somewhere between Valentine’s Day and Easter that treadmill has collected dust and the rain has left rust posts on your weight bench.  All the goals you set, yet actually one will be achieved. Not, bad. Why can’t all those goals be met? Consistency, consistency, consistency. Inspirational magazines, books, reality shows has helped many achieve their goals, so don’t give up just yet. Another simple method to use are visual boards, white boards are great you can use the colored dry erase markers to show your progress. We all can be consistent with just a little push


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Dream big! Don’t settle for less is often heard. What about the word settle? It just might have a substantial message. Imagine the fact that before you ride a horse, you have to settle into the saddle before you prepare to participate in the speed of a stride-ful journey. The positive perspective of settling is granting time to be still and think. Remember the word “settle” is Not the same as the word “stay”. Have a blessed day.

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Seat Belts Still An Issue

The “Seat Belt Law” as been in effect since the mid 1980s, yet we still lose lives daily. Not only are the people driving under the influence adding fuel to the fire. They put others at risk,their passengers and others driving on the road. Alcohol is the number one reason seat beats became an issue. The Ford Escort came out with automatic seat

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Is it possible to have a active life, working Noc shift?

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